Avaya to demonstrate composable solutions enabling Experiences That Matter at GITEX 2021

Avaya once again taking GITEX to the world with live broadcast from its stand set to reach over 100 markets globally.

 Avaya a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced its participation at the 2021 edition of GITEX Global, where the company will demonstrate the composable solutions that organizations need to keep up with changing customer expectations.

Improving the quality of experiences through both the customer and employee journey has become among the most important differentiators and creators of brand affinity for organizations globally. But with consumer and employee demands constantly changing, businesses are struggling to keep pace using legacy technologies.

According to Avaya’s “Life And Work Beyond 2020” survey, over one third of respondents prefer a mix of ways to engage with and contact organizations, including a phone number on every webpage or app (69%). And 60% of employees support policies that embrace hybrid working. Additional Avaya research showed that 71% of tech decision makers reported faster adoption of new technologies in their organization due to COVID-19. Most companies also had a shift in technology priorities with 52% increasing investment in collaboration software.

At GITEX 2021, Avaya will showcase a vision of Total Experience that enables organizations to compose the solutions they need to address these trends, at cloud-speed, with Avaya OneCloudTM, the AI-powered experience platform. The company’s presence will also host a number of Experience Builders™, a global ecosystem of Avaya experts, partners and customers accelerating digital transformation, meeting the API economy head-on, and elevating employee and customer experiences.

“When today’s consumers connect with organizations, they expect experiences that are simple, seamless and easy to manage on the go. And if the company they’re dealing with can’t deliver these experiences, they look for the one who can. With the Avaya OneCloud solutions and Experience Builders we’re showcasing at GITEX 2021, organizations are being given the composable solutions they need to re-imagine the experiences they provide, and empower their employees to drive customer retention,” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International.

Avaya’s participation at GITEX 2021 will include a wide range of use cases demonstrating the power of the composable enterprise, setting up organizations for success in the API economy, including, among others:

  • Digital customer journey: Enabling banks to digitally onboard customers while meeting regulatory compliance – starting from a social media advertisement, moving to webchat with a bot, to finally onboarding and upselling.
  • Proactive engagement in e-commerce: Integrating digital marketing with the customer experience center, and composing with social media, knowledge management, AI, and CPaaS technologies, to orchestrate a complete digital journey for customer acquisition and increased wallet share.
  • Proactive engagement to aid fraud detection: Bringing together an Avaya OneCloud core, AI,  and APIs to compose a solution that automates fraud detection, orchestrates CRM activities, and authenticates users through voice biometrics.
  • Vaccine monitoring with IoT: Integrating temperature monitoring devices with an Avaya OneCloud core and relevant business apps to deliver real-time data and insights to relevant teams.
  • Digital patient care: The low-touch patient experience composed with AI-based chatbots, advanced apps, and Avaya Spaces and devices.
  • The workplace of the future: Composing solutions to automate and personalize the employee experience, bringing together tasks, scheduling, meetings, reporting and more into a single pane of glass and delivering up to 50% productivity boosts.

These real-world demonstrations will also be broadcast to the world, with Avaya customers and partners from over 100 markets set to tune in.

Avaya’s presence at GITEX Technology Week comes in partnership with SemafoneRayCom TechnologiesSummit Technology SolutionsTOPAZFuture TechnologyToolwire, and Gulf Applications. Visit Avaya at its stand in Zabeel Hall, at Dubai World Trade Centre between October 17 and 21, 2021, or tune into the live broadcast.

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